New Trailer for Jurassic World, Heroes:Reborn, Minions, Fast7 and more

Silhouette of head in front of blank TV screen

Last nights Superbowl gave us a host of new trailers to get us glued to the screen for the duration of their very expensive advertising time ($6million per 30seconds) and this includes Jurassic World, a first look at Heroes: Reborn, a cool Terminator Genisys trailer and many more Continue reading

Royal Rumble Review & Thoughts 2015


WWE’s first PPV of the year is behind us now, which means the main event for WrestleMania is set barring a big change of plan from the WWE and given the feeling for the end of this show worldwide that could very be on the cards. But lets breakdown what was a good PPV, with a difficult and unfathomable end. Continue reading

Celebritie’s as Old-school generals

20140303-153645.jpgWith the OSCAR’s now officially behind us- and a sleuth of winners and happy people in Hollywood I thought it was time to honour those in the business who are consistently at the top of the game (and not maybe just for one movie) and while thinking about that, came across this wonderful collection of edited images. Continue reading