Marvel Comics: Are they in trouble?

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Marvel comics have always been the publisher I read the most comics from, and have always been one of the main two companies in the industry- but right now while they’re owning the box office and world of streaming television they seem to be getting their grip on the comic industry pulled away. So is Marvel in trouble? Continue reading

Arrow Season4 Trailer


Arrow is nearly ready to begin for a new season, and now were treated to a lengthy trailer to set the scene. This trailer is possible the most forthcoming weve seen so far, and hopefully this season can improve on the last. Continue reading

Short Thoughts: The Flash season finale


This week saw the Season1 finale for the Flash, and this episode was not only great but it gave us a host of things to look forward to in the next season. So lets take a look at what we got to get us thinking. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 1April ’15

Only one more day until we once again get bombarded by a whole host of new comic books from both the big companies and the independent little ones all vying for space in your collection, but what should you buy this week? Well here are my picks of the week Continue reading