Vulture For Spider-Man Homecoming?


Michael Keaton was in talks to appear in Spider-Man Homecoming before they apparently broke down over wages, however it appears this has been sorted and he will now be appearing and playing the Vulture. Continue reading

Celebritie’s as Old-school generals

20140303-153645.jpgWith the OSCAR’s now officially behind us- and a sleuth of winners and happy people in Hollywood I thought it was time to honour those in the business who are consistently at the top of the game (and not maybe just for one movie) and while thinking about that, came across this wonderful collection of edited images. Continue reading

Robert Downey Jnr: Ironman Some More


Marvel have official broke the news that Robert Downey Jnr has signed on to star as Tony Stark in two more Avengers movies. No word on Ironman solo projects, but this is still a huge move for marvel. As many fans felt that Robert Downey was Tony Stark, as did the films director Joss Whedon:

He is Iron Man. He is Iron Man in the way that Sean Connery was James Bond. I have no intention of making Avengers 2 without him

All I can say is this is he right move for Marvel and the fans alike. A recast of a fan favourite and one of the central focal points for Marvels phase1 movies would have been disastrous to future plans. Luckily we all get to see Downey Jnr suit up at least twice more, and I couldn’t be more excited.