New Trailer for Jurassic World, Heroes:Reborn, Minions, Fast7 and more

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Last nights Superbowl gave us a host of new trailers to get us glued to the screen for the duration of their very expensive advertising time ($6million per 30seconds) and this includes Jurassic World, a first look at Heroes: Reborn, a cool Terminator Genisys trailer and many more Continue reading

Week in Geek 3-10th August’14

week in geek

Sunday is always the end of the week, and a slow day for new news but never fear I’m here with a catch-up on the weeks Nerdiest news for you all so enjoy! Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Marvel Lego Superheroes



It’s Monday once more, and that not only means that another week has flown by but also that its time for another recommendation to keep you busy for the week. This weeks recommendation is my venture into the world of computer game recommendations, so i thought id start by mixing gaming, comics and films with Marvel Lego Superheroes.

I’m going to get this started by saying that the premise is similar to all the LEGO games that have come before- you take control of a small team of characters (up-to 3) as you move through levels destroying all the LEGO block baddies and surroundings in an attempt to make it to the level boss. However there is so much more depth to the game than that might make it sound. Continue reading

Oscar Nominee’s in LEGO

This years big Oscar nominee’s, those for best picture, all have fairly plain and uninspiring posters- at least as far as movie posters can go. Until….. Continue reading

Marvel: Animated Lego series

Obviously not happy with a new Avengers Assemble, Hulk and the agents of SMASH and of course Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D ruling the television world Marvel have teamed up with Lego to produce an animated show.

The show is called ‘Lego Marvel Superheroes: Maximum Overload’ and is a 10part internet show, of which the first five are available now- with the first one included above.
The show is set to include a host of superheroes from Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America and Wolverine to all the agents of SHIELD.

Check it out- and keep an eye out for the final 5episodes.

Lego movie trailer arrives

The trailer for February’s ‘The Lego Movie’ has arrived today, and I have to say it looks great. The cast of licencsed characters looks amazing even in the first trailer- and Batman is great.
Check it out below

As a little bonus, the first trailer for the animated ‘Heavenly Sword’ movie has also arrived (big thanks to RoseyH on the heads up) and looks so close to its video game inspiration it could definitely be worth watching.