Original Pokemon Intro turned into 3D


Pokemon is huge in my household and has been with me for a long time, ever since I first saw the anime show debut on UK television, so seeing as its nearly been 2decades since the release its only fitting that someone out there has given the original intro a full 3D makeover- and its Awesome! Continue reading

Amazing Star Wars short (Fanfilm)


Animator Paul Johnson has spent four years re-imagining┬áStar Wars tie fighter pilots as a cool looking 80’s inspired japanese animation film, and his hard work has really paid of as this is an amazing 7minute movie. Continue reading

The Simpsons ‘Springfield’ as you’ve never seen it before


Springfield is one of the most famous towns in all of animated history and is well known for its ultra bright and primary colour scheme that has run through the town since its inception. Well now artist Tim Doyle has given us a much moody look and its great. Continue reading