Ant Man Easter Eggs


Ant Man made it into cinemas this weekend, and I have to say is well worth a watch. However as normal with Marvel movies not only is the movie good, but it contains knod to the bigger universe; what’s to come; what’s already occurred and obviously the source material. So here are the biggest easter eggs from Marvels latest movie. Continue reading

DareDevil teases Agents of SHIELD Tie-in



Netflix upcoming series has dropped a huge bombshell of a teaser image onto Twitter over the weekend, and it helps raise a host of questions around how this series will tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: The Devils Backbone

recommendationOver the weekend I watched ‘Mama’ which is produced by Guillermo Del Toro, and was amazed at the work he manages to get out of younger and newer directors when focuses on a genre he knows well- Ghost stories. This made me a nostalgic for some of Del Toro’s earlier work and the first film that came to mind as a complete work of brilliance was ‘The Devils Backbone’ so it’s this weeks recommendation. Continue reading