Friday Films : 28th Feb’14

filmfriday headerToday is Friday- and that means that most of this weeks new releases are making there way into the cinema’s today, so here’s a quick rundown of what’s out there for you to see over the weekend. This week doesn’t see a huge amount of anticipated new releases but does see the launch of ‘Non-stop,’ ‘Ride Along’ and ‘Anchor-Man2: The legend continues…..continued’ so lets take a look at these Continue reading

Batman Versus Terminator Animation

With the constant updates on  the ‘Batman Vs Superman’ movie going around, and the recent releases of ‘Justice League: War’ it feels as though Batman has been forgotten about as a lone hero for recent DC animations (albeit the amazing Dark Knight Returns was fairly recent) that is until now. A fan film showcasing Batman taking on the Terminator has arrived- and is truly cool. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 26th Feb’14

comic picks header

Once again it’s Wednesday and that means only one thing- New Comic Book day, which has to be the best day of the week without question. So without any more pandering come and see what I think are the top titles released this week. Continue reading

New Amazing Spider-Man2 footage

A new trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 has arrived, and while the majority of the footage has been seen before there are some nice new shots of ‘Harry Osbourne’ aka Green Goblin and a little titbit of new ‘Electro’ battle footage.  Although there is still no sign of Alastair Smythe, but I guess there’s plenty of time to go yet. Hope you enjoy

Animal A-Z art for kids


I find myself posting and reading more material aimed at children’s education these days (I blame my young children) but only rare bits gets to grace my blog and this one is worthy.

London-based illustrator Marcus Reed developed this clever typography series in which animals look like the 26 letters of the alphabet. Drawing upon the creatures’ natural shapes, colors, and movements, he beautifully blended different features together to form each character. A is for Alligator, J is for Jellyfish, P is for Penguin, and so on, the series is an inventive interpretation of classic typography. Continue reading

Geek 501 – The Guardians of the Galaxy

Loved the post- says everything you need to know about the upcoming film and its incredible characters. If your not excited by this, I’ll be surprised.

Comparative Geeks

If you were like basically everyone at the announcement that Marvel was releasing a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and asked yourself who they were – then this post may be for you. I do not profess to be an expert on this comic or these characters; indeed, I was just as confused at the announcement as the next geek and comic reader.

Marvel has recognized this and is doing what they can to introduce the characters to people who are interested. And even for those only mildly interested, they’re structuring their trailers to show the characters as well. So I thought that they were ripe for introduction. The basics are here in the trailer, but below, I’ll give a bit more on each character!

Marvel has been sharing information about these characters in two main ways – one in the movie trailers, and there’s one for each character. The…

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