BCP Presents – The Best of 2014


1504002_643381709041422_92051625_nWith 2014 almost over, it’s time for us to take a look back and reflect on what has been an momentous year for comics.  With the influence of comic books rapidly expanding into the world of movies and television shows – not to mention the jaw-dropping quality of titles that have been released over the last twelve months – there has probably never been a more exciting time to be a comic book fan.

We initially started this page as a bit of a lark – a place for comic fans to come and chat about things that interested them.  However, over the last twelve months, the Big Comic Page has expanded to become something else entirely.

We tend to joke around a lot at BCP Towers about anything that makes us seem #legit (the hashtag is important), and seeing our name getting out there in press releases, promotional materials…

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The Best Series of 2014

Nothing But Comics

Shutter #1

#10. Shutter:

“Shutter is a strange and fascinating comic book series featuring Kate Kristopher, the daughter of world-famous explorer Chris Kristopher. Kate’s adventures take place on an alternate Earth where the fantastic is commonplace. To get a sense of Kate’s world, imagine putting every fantasy and science fiction concept ever conceived through a blender and pouring the resulting narrative concoction on a comic book page – flying saucers, rockets, and dragons fill the sky, while anthropomorphic animals, mythic creatures, and robots walk the streets alongside ordinary human beings. Writer Joe Keatinge and artist Leila del Duca have created an amazing world with a sympathetic character at its core. Kate may be surrounded by an Alarm Cat (that’s right, a walking, talking alarm clock that has a strong resemblance to the iconic cartoon character Felix the Cat), a skeleton butler, and ghostly ninjas, but that’s not what Shutter is about. Shutter…

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Weekly Recommendation; Avengers Vs X-Men: Axis


This weeks recommendation is a short event series from Marvel comics, that is still currently running with a single issue left to make the stands and as such is a first for me as I’ve never recommended a mini-series that is still running. However this series so far has been one hell of a read and looks like it could really leave lasting ramifications on the Marvel universe. Continue reading

Uncovering 2014: The Year’s Best Covers

Nothing But Comics

Today, I continue my reflections on the past year in comics by spotlighting my favorite 25 covers of the year. A survey of the past twelve months reveals a rich variety of art being produced. From hyper-naturalism to stylized expressionism to cartoonish humor to brooding angst, there was room on the shelves for every type of sensibility.

NB: In assembling this list I gave myself one simple rule: no artist or series may appear more than once. It made for some rather tough decisions on my part, but, otherwise, this list might have been twice as long.

All entries are listed alphabetically by title.


Abe Sapien #12 Sabastian Fiumara Abe Sapien #12 by Sabastian Fiumara

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