Marvel May have found their ‘Dr Strange’


Only yesterday it was announced that Marvel have a director for their Dr Strange movie, and today there are huge rumblings that they may have already found the man to fill his mystical cape. With Scott Derrickson being named as director, everyone is keen to see who fills the role of the Mystical Magician- and Marvel appear to be continuing their trend of casting lesser known stars in main roles as with all previous movies, yes im including Robert Downey Jnr in that too as at the point he got the role of Tony Stark no-one would touch him in Hollywood.

So who are Marvel looking at, well none other than Jared Leto- yes you did read that right. And im not too shocked, Jared may not look the part right now but Jared Leto never looks like himself on-screen (Just see Panic Room) and would be about the right size to portray Stephen Strange, and im sure would fit into the budget that Marvel seems to like for its movie heroes. Bear in mind that right now this is pure specualtion- but given how fast the director was announced I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear some real news fast.

Let me know what you think of the idea of Leto as Strange.



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Famous Albums with a Nerd twist

20140602-115822-43102352.jpgWeve all likely seen some of the most well know album covers of all time, from bands like Kiss, RadioHead and Rage Agaisnt the Machine but i bet we havent seen them looking like this before. Ript Apparel have produced these wonderful images that are all awesome mashups between the original artwork and some of pop cultures biggest and nerdiest characters and franchsises.  Continue reading

Celebritie’s as Old-school generals

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Famous Musical Mutants

This is work from James Zark, dubbed Never Mind The Mutants, where he’s taking images of pop stars and transforming them into X-Men. The lineup includes:
Debbie Harry as Phoenix
Iggy Pop as Angel
Johnny Rotten as Iceman
Glenn Danzig as Wolverine
Ian Curtis as Cyclops
Henry Rollins as Colossus.

And all of these are totally awesome, I’m a real fan of the X-men, hence this catching my attention, but I’m also a real fan of these images.