Tears of a Geek


As lovers of Comic Books, movies, animation and all things geeky- there tends to be a thought that were far removed from the societal norms of emotions others feel, but we know that’s not true. We feel the same way about the X-Men that others do about the Kardashians (I know which I prefer out of those mutants!) and at times the stories and characters we love make us cry- yes I’ve cried at comic books and here are the times that hurt me the most. Continue reading

Famous Albums with a Nerd twist

20140602-115822-43102352.jpgWeve all likely seen some of the most well know album covers of all time, from bands like Kiss, RadioHead and Rage Agaisnt the Machine but i bet we havent seen them looking like this before. Ript Apparel have produced these wonderful images that are all awesome mashups between the original artwork and some of pop cultures biggest and nerdiest characters and franchsises.  Continue reading