Comic Book Picks 25 March’15


Wednesday is fast approaching and with it comes the release of a whole new bunch of must read comic books, so here are my picks for the week. Continue reading

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Posters


Star Wars Episode VII has created a huge buzz since the first trailer arrived, and was in all honesty it was a really well done and exciting throwback to what everyone loves about the Star Wars universe. Due to this buzz it should come as no surprise that fans have already started to create a huge amount of content- and today I’m focusing on some of the best movie posters that I have seen so far. Continue reading

Star Wars Episode VII Villain Rumour

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films


As with everything relating to Star Wars and the production of Episode VII, there is a huge amount of ‘leaked’ or ‘released’ (take these terms loosely) information making its way onto the internet for fans of the franchise to lap up and consider the truth. And the latest rumour is around who or what the villain(s) of the new movie will be…….. Continue reading

R2D2 first confirmed character for Star Wars episode VII

Disney have officially announced that everyone’s favourite movie droid will indeed be back for the forthcoming Star Wars movie. This is a great move as ever since R2D2 appeared in the first scenes of 1977’s Star Wars: A New Hope he has long been a fan favourite and i have to say I couldn’t see the series without him- you could even argue that the original trilogy is basically a tale of two droids, R2D2 and C3PO.

The Galaxies greatest hero

The Galaxies greatest hero

Star Wars: Live action Show?

Star Wars is always a hot property with anything it produces, whether that’s movies, games, merchandise, comic books or animated television shows. So it should come as no surprise that even the smallest rumour gets pounced upon and spread around the internet in no time a tall, I mean just look at the ever looming rumour that Star Wars will see a live action television show.


Everyone’s favourite bounty hunting team

The rumour began a few years ago shortly after the end of the prequel trilogy, and really began to gain some steam leading to George Lucas himself even saying that it was going to be called Star Wars: Underground and focus heavily on the underground bounty hunter world of Coruscant. This would have meant that the show would have had a much more adult based audience then anything else Star Wars related, but unfortunately the product got shelved, along with the dreams of many fans.

However since this time, Star Wars has seen huge television success with the animated series ‘The Clone Wars’ and to be honest this was easily the best thing to derive out of the prequels. The show has been a massive success amongst older fans (myself included) and amongst children and non-fans, which has shown that given great story telling and the correct use of characters Star Wars clearly has a huge success of remaining relevant and producing new content that draws in viewers.

The sale of Lucas Film to Disney was a big step, as Disney acquired the rights to everything remotely related to Star Wars and was very quick to make some major announcements including ending the ‘Clone wars’ series and producing a new movie- Episode VII.

What wasn’t mentioned in Disney’s announcements was anything related to a live action show- but that may all be about to change! The original idea was shelved as it was felt that film universe don’t necessarily transfer well onto television and cant bring in the same level of viewer satisfaction. However Disney seem to have found the answer to this with the Marvel produced Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which started out strong with its pilot episode, and even the second episode which saw a dip in viewers (Still had 22million viewers in 24hrs inc on demand) has been strong.

NEDXJy3LcADbHE_1_5This sudden appeal and success has led to many believing that the notion of Star Wars is possible on television- and with the relationship already there between ABC and Disney the rumour mill suggest talks have begun. At the moment this is all ‘batting around ideas’ according to anyhow star wars production related- but to me that sounds good.  So if Star Wars was to come to the screen what should they do- and where should they focus?

According to J.J.Abrams the series won’t be Disney-fied, and will continue to hold its Sci-fi roots and produce the same kind of material that it always has. So does this mean well get a slightly broader market appealing show like Marvel have produced, or will we see the adult ‘Underground’ series which already has 50hours of scripted material.

Well if you want my opinion, here’s what they should look at:

  1. Tales of the Jedi era (comic book based stories)- now these stories focus on the real boom time for the Jedi (in numbers), and contain none of the characters that the viewers will be familiar with except a very young Yoda later on. They also heavily focus on a rise of the Sith- which are seen in greater numbers than ever before or after- and even take over huge chunks of the galaxy and hold these under their rule. This could provide great opportunities for huge set pieces and amazing fight scenes that are sure to draw in viewers.
  2. Darth Bane trilogy- This is a series of books that take place even prior to Episode1, and focuses on the man who would invent the ‘Rule of two’ for the Sith. He starts as a young minors son who eventually causes the death of another and flees to join a sith-type gang. Eventually he decides it flawed and studies the sith ways to create his own Sith Order, which eventually overthrow the Jedi order and claim the republic.

I guess only time will tell what we get in a live action show- but im hoping we hear something sooner than later.

Darth Bane in all his Sith Glory

Darth Bane in all his Sith Glory

Episode Vii- starring Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel-Day-Lewis-02Well that’s currently a rumour- but if the internet is to believed he has met with both George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy over lunch. If it wasnt to discuss the upcoming sequel then i have no idea what it could of been- so consider me claiming it must have been.

Now while a villain that matches Darth Vaders coolness is going to be hard to find for the upcoming movies, just like it was for the prequels (Darth Maul was wasted) casting Daniel Day Lewis would be a great step to achieving that. Hell if they can make this happen- it will instantly add credibility to the upcoming franchise continuation.

In other related casting news Saorise Ronan has confirmed that she has carried out a screen test/audition for the movie and its hinted at that Sullivan Stapleton (300 sequel) may be up for a role too. ut compared to the DDL rumour who cares