Comic Book Picks 30th September’15


Wednesday is on the horizon, and that means that so are this weeks new comic book releases which seems chocked full of annuals. But amongst all of these what are the books that stand out as must buy this weeks? Well here are my picks Continue reading

X-Files revival show gets trailer


X-Files is due to hit the air in January of 2016 for its final 6part ‘mini event’ series that should end everything, and we finally got a two-part trailer that gives us our first look at the show. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: The Scarlet Gospels


This weeks recommendation is the first novel from Clive Barker in a decade to feature everyone’s favourite Demon ‘PinHead.’ The Scarlet Gospels is a welcome return to the literary pages for the character that offers a more in-depth look at the Cenobite and his motivations and desires, that is equally engrossing and emotional as it climbs towards a climatic confrontation. Continue reading

WWE Night of Champions Predictions

Night-of-Champions-2015Tonight is the WWE’s annual all titles must be defended night, and for the first time in a while at this event there are some matches I truly cant be sure of the outcome. We see Seth Rollins in action atleast twice and get to see the Divas title on the line in what could be a good matchup. But whos going to walk out with gold, well here are my picks.
Continue reading