Cosmo’s Gallery, 8-30-14

Nothing But Comics

Why not start off your holiday weekend with some great comic book art? Join us for a stroll through Cosmo’s Gallery . . .


Batman Doc Shaner Batman by Doc Shaner

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My Thoughts On Upcoming Changes To Batman And Gotham (WARNING – SPOILERS AHEAD)

Jyger's Rant

So, this October marks a HUGE turning point in a lot of the Bat related books, as a few new ones are getting started, and pre-existing ones are getting big changes in relation to what’s going on in Batman Eternal. What’s interesting about the new books is that some of them don’t even necessarily star Batman, or even involve him directly, rather simply taking place in Gotham City and starring different characters. Now, because they take place in Gotham, I would assume he’ll make appearances, but otherwise, they aren’t about him. It honestly reminds me of an often brought up theory that DC doesn’t know how to market products that don’t involve Batman anymore. And before anyone brings up that it could be in relation to the upcoming Gotham TV series, let me remind everyone that Green Arrow has had a TV show for a couple of years, but has…

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Guardians of the Galaxy Mash up art

Guardians has very quickly become one of the hottest properties on the market and as a result there are tribute popping up all over the place, so here’s the latest batch of great artwork. Continue reading