Lego movie trailer arrives

The trailer for February’s ‘The Lego Movie’ has arrived today, and I have to say it looks great. The cast of licencsed characters looks amazing even in the first trailer- and Batman is great.
Check it out below

As a little bonus, the first trailer for the animated ‘Heavenly Sword’ movie has also arrived (big thanks to RoseyH on the heads up) and looks so close to its video game inspiration it could definitely be worth watching.

X-men’s Biggest Changes

With the current X-men event over, Battle of the Atom finished this week, it’s time to look back over the last 50years of mutant history and the multitude of changes that have taken their toll on the Marvel universes first family, and which have had the longest and most prominent changes.

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Comic Book Covers of the Month: September 2013

The Speech Bubble

It is time for the Best Covers from the month of September. Over the last four weeks I’ve highlighted my Top 5 Comic Book Covers. Now it’s time to crown the overall winner in a variety of categories! If you want to revisit any of my past articles just follow the links provided: Covers of the Week 09/04/13 | Covers of the Week 09/11/13 | Covers of the Week 09/18/13 | Covers of the Week 09/25/13. Now without further ado, let’s see who emerged supreme:


Most Top 3 Covers Appearances
This award goes to the company that had the most cover appearances in the Top 3. And the winner is:

Marvel wins with 9 appearances, DC garners 3, and the Independents have 0. ________________________________________________________

Best Overall Covers
This award goes to the company that produced the greatest amount of quality covers in a given month. How it works is this: only covers that have earned my Covers of…

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Comic Book Picks 30 October ’13

Once again Wednesday has rolled around fast, and that means its time for the weekly releases of comic books- but what should you be buying this week? Well I’m here to give you the rundown on what i think will be the best books of the week, so lets get started. Continue reading

Sandman: A Guide for Dreaming

Nothing But Comics

This Wednesday begins Neil Gaiman’s Sandman prequel, Overture. As preparation, I have recently completed re-reading all of the original 75 issues. What follows is a personally-flavored guide to what may be my all-time favorite comic book title. For sake of new readers, I have kept spoilers at a minimum.

Preludes & Nocturnes (Issues #1-8): The story of Dream’s imprisonment, escape, and rebuilding of his life and realm. (Overture will tell the tale of what Dream was doing leading up to his captivity). Already in the first few issues Gaiman introduces plot elements that will cycle back around later; Dream’s confinement in itself would prove to be a major marker in his evolution as a character. Sam Keith was the original artist on this book, but I never felt it was the best fit for his style. Apparently he agreed as well, bowing out early on. Mike Dringenberg proved…

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