Comic Book Picks 25th Jan’17


Its almost that time of the week, when the latest batch of comic books hit the shelves and get me through the oddest day of the working week- I mean its not the horrible start but its not close enough to the end either. This week sees a host of titles hitting the shelves, and some of these are real top ‘A’ list titles, but whats worth rushing out to read? Well here are my top picks for the week. Continue reading

Marvel Comics: Are they in trouble?

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Marvel comics have always been the publisher I read the most comics from, and have always been one of the main two companies in the industry- but right now while they’re owning the box office and world of streaming television they seem to be getting their grip on the comic industry pulled away. So is Marvel in trouble? Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 9November ’16


Well once again Wednesday is on the roll around and that means that were due a huge amount of new comic book releases to keep us all busy for the rest of the week. However while that’s good news, it also means we have some hard choices about what to spend our money on- and here are my top picks for this week. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 5th October ’16


Today sees a whole new host of comic books released, and there’s a bunch of number ones coming with some regular titles but whats worth all the money you need to shell out? Well here are my picks for the week. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 18th June’14


Well once again were at that point in the week where many of us are looking ahead one day and wondering which of the numerous books that arrive with our local comic book store were going to be buying. Well im here to give you a helping hand, or at least my own personal opinion on what i think will be the nest book, or at least the best new book to check out this week.

This weeks list see’s a host of new titles, and for the first time doesn’t contain any of my regular on going picks such as Fatale or Wolverine and the X-men despite them being released, so whats taken their spots? Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 11th June’14


Wednesday is nearly upon us once more- and all that can mean is that your local comic book shop is going to be filling the shelves full of the latest releases for this week, and what could be more exciting than grabbing the new books and getting straight into reading. Well while it’s always thrilling- it can be a real disappointment if you find out you missed the big book of the week, or you bought a dud on a guess and that why im here to let you know what I think is going to be worth buying this week (in my opinion). So let’s get started Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 19th March’14

comic picks headerWednesday has rolled around again- which means everyone should have finished last weeks round of comic books and be ready for the new batch of titles hitting the shelves today. So heres what i think is worth your time and your money this week…. Continue reading