Star Wars Vs Marvel&DC fan made movie


Weve seen some great fan made videos lately, and the best of these came from ‘Luthor’ who created the amazing Marvel VS DC video from movie footage and now he returns to pit the might of the entire Star Wars universe against the combined power of Marvel and DC’s biggest guns. Continue reading

Suicide Squad Casting Rumours (Harley Quinn and Mr J)


DC announced a host of movies taking them all the way upto 2020 and one of the most exciting prospects is easily the Suicide Squad, mainly because the cast of mis-fits/villains could be amazing and getting to see a full team of villains on the cinema screen really sounds like something we need. However at the time of the announcement we knew nothing- and now casting rumours are running riot Continue reading

DC producing a ‘Titans’ TV show


Rumour has it that DC are currently pitching the idea of a live action ‘Titans’ show on TNT, which would be spear-headed by none other than Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing himself. THe deal is said to be almost signed for at least a pilot episode to get a run. Continue reading

Supergirl TV Show on the way

sgirlDC currently have a spate of comic books arriving on the small screen later this year, but its a very male dominated lineup with Gotham, Constantine and the returning Arrow. However it appears that’s all set to change as DC are looking to get Supergirl on our screens Continue reading