Lost Boys to get a comic Book sequel

Vertigo Comics has announced a new Lost Boys comic series that will serve as a sequel to Joel Schumacher’s cult-favorite ’80s horror-comedy. Hack/Slash creator and Grayson scribe Tim Seeley will write the series, with The Dark & the Bloody’s Scott Godlewski and Patricia Mulvihill on interior art duties, and Tony Moore (Shade) providing covers. The […]

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Comic Book Picks 10th December’14


Wednesday is nearly here, as is the end of the year, and that means that it time for a new batch of comic books in 2014 that will hopefully keep one of the better years (at least recently) for ongoing series alive and provide us with another week of great books to get our hands on. Here are my picks for the week…. Continue reading

CM Punk to write Thor Comic


CM Punk is a well known wrestling favourite amongst geeks, and that my have a lot to do with his amazing in ring style but I’m sure it has just as much to do with his self confessed love of comic books. Which makes the news he’s going to be writing the upcoming Thor annual even more amazing. Continue reading

Suicide Squad Casting Rumours (Harley Quinn and Mr J)


DC announced a host of movies taking them all the way upto 2020 and one of the most exciting prospects is easily the Suicide Squad, mainly because the cast of mis-fits/villains could be amazing and getting to see a full team of villains on the cinema screen really sounds like something we need. However at the time of the announcement we knew nothing- and now casting rumours are running riot Continue reading

Scarecrow will be coming to Gotham


Gotham so far has been really delivering on the excitement and the story telling, and we already know that some famous faces such as Harvey Dent (Two Face) and Victor Zsasz will be arriving soon, and now we have another name to add to that……….Scarecrow. Continue reading

Spiderman May Be Arriving In The Marvel Cinematic Universe



Word is currently spreading that everyone’s favourite Web slinger could very well be heading into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and could very well be placed straight into an Avengers movie. Continue reading