Full Jessica Jones Trailer


After a barrage of cool but short teasers, today gives us the first full length trailer for the November release of the series: and its cool. Continue reading

Marvel/Netlfix Jessica Jones gets a new Teaser


Jessica Jones is set to debut in full on Netlfix on November 20th and it gets a second teaser trailer which showcases the aftermath of a run in with Jessica. Continue reading


Dr Who 50th Prints

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To celebrate Dr. Who’s 50th anniversary, Matt Ferguson has created a great series of art prints that chronicle all of the Doctors to currently step into the Tardis. All 11 prints will be available as a timed released edition and shown on the Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bottleneckgallery). Or just check out the gallery above.

Doctor Who ‘Day of the Doctor’ prequel for 50th Anniversary is here

So Stephen Moffat has redefined the ‘Doctor’ since he took the reigns and one of the big things he has used is the mini episodes- on events like Children in Need, but I would guess this has to be the biggest yet. Continue reading