13th Doctor: Why the Controversy?


This weekend the BBC gave us the name and look of the 13th Doctor- and for some reason this seems to have caused a stir all over the internet, and not simply the positive one I was expecting. So with that being said lets look at what all this controversy is about and whether its really needed. Continue reading

Dr Who series Gets a Date

The new series of Dr Who starring Peter Capaldi has been generating excitement since the reveal of the new doctor last year.
And finally the BBC have released a new teaser trailer that gives us all an arrival date Continue reading


Dr Who 50th Prints

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To celebrate Dr. Who’s 50th anniversary, Matt Ferguson has created a great series of art prints that chronicle all of the Doctors to currently step into the Tardis. All 11 prints will be available as a timed released edition and shown on the Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bottleneckgallery). Or just check out the gallery above.