13th Doctor: Why the Controversy?


This weekend the BBC gave us the name and look of the 13th Doctor- and for some reason this seems to have caused a stir all over the internet, and not simply the positive one I was expecting. So with that being said lets look at what all this controversy is about and whether its really needed. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 14 Jan’15


Wednesday is nearly upon us now, and that means that we get a whole host of new comic books to get our hands on and thoroughly enjoy having a good read. But what is out there this weeks that’s worth casting your eyes  over- well here are my picks for the week. Continue reading

Geektastic tee’s

20140212-124836.jpgOne of the many cool things about being geeky is the opportunity to show your inner nerd on the outside, and what better way to do this than with an amazing combination of famous quote, characters and movies all rolled into and placed on the front of a t-shirt. If like me you recognise the awesome Mario t-shirt to be a mockery of a recent Jean Claude Van Dam commercial, you should really appreciate the rest of my recent favourites Continue reading


Dr Who- in the style of Tim Burton Animation

animated-burton-doctor-6This is a series of portraits of all the Doctors (including the War Doctor, labeled ‘X’) reimagined in the style of Tim Burton animation characters by artist Michael Kenny. Plus Tumblr-er Made By ABVH has taken the liberty of animating a few into GIFs. These are really well done, and truly are very reminiscent of Burtonesque art- and id actually be excited to see an animated Dr Who done in this style. If you like the GIF above you’ll love the rest… Continue reading


Dr Who 50th Prints

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To celebrate Dr. Who’s 50th anniversary, Matt Ferguson has created a great series of art prints that chronicle all of the Doctors to currently step into the Tardis. All 11 prints will be available as a timed released edition and shown on the Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bottleneckgallery). Or just check out the gallery above.

Doctor Who ‘Day of the Doctor’ prequel for 50th Anniversary is here

So Stephen Moffat has redefined the ‘Doctor’ since he took the reigns and one of the big things he has used is the mini episodes- on events like Children in Need, but I would guess this has to be the biggest yet. Continue reading