Comic Books 25/9/13

So Wednesday is nearly upon us- and that means new comic books for the week. So here are my picks of the week:

Fatale 17: 

fatale_017_2x3_300Fatale is easily one of the best creator owned books out there right now- and possibly the best work to date from Ed Brubaker- and that’s definitely high praise right now. Despite the irregular shipping pattern that the book has found itself in, each issue is easily worth the wait.

Brubaker has managed to craft an elaborate tale of magic, mysticism and mayhem that spans time, and characters amazingly well while managed to keep the story intriguing and never over complicated. For a man who is best known for his crime writing, this is a great step into new territory that so far has worked on every level.

This issue promises to keep the focus on the ‘Bishop’ who disappeared in the 70’s with a rather gruesome end, but who has never really been gone- and now has Jo’s scent and is on the hunt. I’m really excited to see how this plays out when the ‘Bishop’ gets his hands on Jo (the focal point for the entire tale) and how this progresses the story forward.

Of all the books out there this week- this is a must buy!

Saga 14:

saga14Speaking of brilliant creator owned books- here’s the second of the week to be released. I’m no longer sure what to say about this book that I haven’t said before. BK Vaughan has nailed the characters and made every one of them important and individual, while really humanising the central characters (Even ‘The Will’ had his moment) and this has drawn me into this book from the very beginning. And then you have his bad guys- Robot prince- who is such an evil character that you really do wander what he has in store for anyone he meets on each page of the book.

Fiona Staples makes each page of the comic book look amazing, and really does add a huge amount of emotion and atmosphere to each scene that she paints. It has to be the best looking book on the shelves- bar none.

The synopsis for this weeks issue doesn’t give away a lot:

Gwendolyn and Slave Girl think about the future.

But even with that little bit of information- based on what we’ve seen so far, you know the issue is going to be good. Just like Fatale this is a definite must buy this week.

Sex Criminals:

sexcriminals1_coverThis is a new ongoing series from Matt Fraction (Haweye, Iron Man, Satellite Sam) and really has me intrigued. The official synopsis for this comic series is as follows:

Suzie’s a normal girl with an extraordinary ability: when she has sex she stops time. One night she meets a man with the same gift. So they do what any other sex having, time stopping couple would do: the rob banks!

This could be a really funny book, that is bound to have well developed characters as this is a real strength of Matt Fractions. And given the story outline, i expect the book to be full of laugh out loud moments. Trust me your going to want on this band wagon now before it gets away.

So thats it for this weeks comic books, and there’s not a single release from the ‘big two’ making my list. But that just shows the quality of independently owned titles out there right now, that even in a week featuring the 3D Jokers daughter cover, and some ‘Battle of the Atom’ issues these books are the best buys.

For a full list of all the titles available this week- just click here

As a little bonus- i couldnt possibly finish this weeks comic book recommendations without saying- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is out this week (Friday 27th in UK) so here’s the latest trailer

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