Star Wars Vs Marvel&DC fan made movie


Weve seen some great fan made videos lately, and the best of these came from ‘Luthor’ who created the amazing Marvel VS DC video from movie footage and now he returns to pit the might of the entire Star Wars universe against the combined power of Marvel and DC’s biggest guns. Continue reading

Kids React to Avengers:Age of Ultron


Kids React is a wonderful series of videos that show children things for the first time and record their reactions to exactley what their seeing- and we all know with kids you get the brutal and sometimes hilarious truth. This particular video gives a great look at the latest Avengers Trailer Continue reading

Amazing Spider-Man2: How It Should Have Ended

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The great animation team over at How It Should Have Ended have got their latest video all completed and ready for viewing, and I have to say its a little bit stranger than their usual animations but it’s still funny and well worth a watch despite being more surreal. Continue reading