Comic Book Picks 5th April ’17


Wednesday is nearly here, and it will be the first one in my new home (Excited), but more importantly it means there’s a host of new comic books hitting the shelves very soon. And lets take a look at the top titles that you need to be considering this week. Continue reading


Who Trained Luke Skywalker?


We all know Luke Skywalker was trained by Ben Kenobi and Yoda (that’s one hell of a pairing) but at the end of ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Luke was a very struggling Jedi still in training despite training under Yoda- yet at the start of ‘Return of the Jedi’ we see a full Jedi trained Luke. So what happened? Well here are some thoughts based on the ever growing current continuity. Continue reading

Iconic characters get zombiefied


American illustrator Albert F.Montoya has an ongoing series of images where he is re-imagining iconic pop culture characters as  gruesome zombies. With their obvious rotting flesh and horrific appearances many of these characters are a far cry from how we know them but that’s what makes this collection a real must see. Continue reading