Tears of a Geek


As lovers of Comic Books, movies, animation and all things geeky- there tends to be a thought that were far removed from the societal norms of emotions others feel, but we know that’s not true. We feel the same way about the X-Men that others do about the Kardashians (I know which I prefer out of those mutants!) and at times the stories and characters we love make us cry- yes I’ve cried at comic books and here are the times that hurt me the most. Continue reading

Deadpool Trailer arrives


Deadpool has long been a hugely fun yet violent part of the Marvel universe that has captured the interest of almost every comic book fan, and after the Wolverine: X-Men Origins debacle was due a movie outing done correctly. And today we got the first glimpse at the movie starring Ryan Reynolds that does him justice. Continue reading

Top Father and Son Pairings


Pop Culture has a hge amount of father and son pairings that are massively famous, with one of the most widely known being Darth Vader (Anakin Skywlaker) and Luke Skywalker, so inspired by my Sons 1st birthday today here are my favourite father and son pairings from a variety of mediums.

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Marvel Hero Cartoonish Artwork


Artist Bruno Henrique has created a short series of Marvel superheroes in a really cool cartoon style- i would definately watch a marvel cartton that looked this cool. The characters in the series include Wolverine, Venom, Rogue and Spider-man. Enjoy.
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Thought Bubble: Marvel Masters the Movies

thought bubbleIt’s no secret that comic book movies are not stuff at the box office right now and have been for several years, but let’s look at this realistically there’s really only one studio producing all the major hits- Marvel. So why are Marvel leading the way, I mean DC had success recently too but nothing compared to their counterparts successful market share. So let’s see what there doing that’s keeping them on top over and over again.
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