Weekly Recommendation: Marvel Heroes Omega


This weeks recommendation comes in the form of a MMO- and one that I’d been dying to play for a long time since it first made it’s way onto PC. Marvel Heroes has finally become available for consoles (XBox on the 30th June- sorry) and I have to say the wait was worth it. Continue reading

GTA V for ‘Kids’

With a host of new shorts appearing all over the internet every week, its easy to miss some of the more random yet exciting ones, well here’s possibly the oddest one I’ve found lately- Grand Theft Auto V for kids.

Yes the folks over at ‘Nacho Punch’ have turned the best selling game of the year, into a children’s short cartoon aimed at helping children learn the basics in life like counting and word association, however be warned this isn’t really at all suitable for kids but is funny to see.

The first webisode can be viewed below, enjoy!