Weekly Recommendation: Marvel Heroes Omega


This weeks recommendation comes in the form of a MMO- and one that I’d been dying to play for a long time since it first made it’s way onto PC. Marvel Heroes has finally become available for consoles (XBox on the 30th June- sorry) and I have to say the wait was worth it. Continue reading

Marvel Characters with Bobble Heads art


Bobble heads or big headed cute looking versions of weel know characters is hugely popular right now- just look at the success ‘Funko Pop!’ are having and artist Christopher Lee has created some very nice looking versions of some better known Marvel characters in the same format. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 15th October’14


Folks, new comic book day is nearly upon us and that can only bring a smile to my face. However as with every new week there comes the dilemma of what titles to be buying this week? Well here are my picks for this week. Continue reading

X-Men Who Deserve To Be In The Live Action TV Adaptation


With news having broken that FOX are looking to get at least one and maybe two X-Men based shows off the ground and onto television in the live action format (lets forget their previously horrific attempts) i thought it would be only fair to look at mutants we havent seen on the big screen who could really help the show flourish. So let’s get going Continue reading

Marvel Hero Cartoonish Artwork


Artist Bruno Henrique has created a short series of Marvel superheroes in a really cool cartoon style- i would definately watch a marvel cartton that looked this cool. The characters in the series include Wolverine, Venom, Rogue and Spider-man. Enjoy.
Continue reading