Captain America: Civil War ‘How it Should Have Ended.’


The guys over at ‘How it Should Have Ended’ have done it again, with Civil War being there latest comic target- and this one is actually pretty funny and highly accurate.So check out how is should have ended. Continue reading

Best developments from Free Comic Book Day 2016


This weekend saw 2016s Free Comic Book Day (My Daughter loved this year), and amidst the titles there was some very good storytelling, and there was some shocks set out in advance of future stories. So without any further messing around here are the biggest developments from the weekend: Continue reading

Ant Man Easter Eggs


Ant Man made it into cinemas this weekend, and I have to say is well worth a watch. However as normal with Marvel movies not only is the movie good, but it contains knod to the bigger universe; what’s to come; what’s already occurred and obviously the source material. So here are the biggest easter eggs from Marvels latest movie. Continue reading

Thought Bubble: Marvel Masters the Movies

thought bubbleIt’s no secret that comic book movies are not stuff at the box office right now and have been for several years, but let’s look at this realistically there’s really only one studio producing all the major hits- Marvel. So why are Marvel leading the way, I mean DC had success recently too but nothing compared to their counterparts successful market share. So let’s see what there doing that’s keeping them on top over and over again.
Continue reading

Ant Man- has Wasp been found?


Rumour has begun to circulate than Janet Van Dyne, better know to many as ‘Wasp’ will be appearing in Ant Man and may even have already been cast or be close to being finalised.

If rumours are to be believed the front runner is currently Rashida Jones- because ‘she has chemistry with the cast.’ This could be a great move for two reasons- the first being that Jones is a self confessed comic book fan (which always helps with character development) and secondly she’s a talented actress.

This then raises the question- is Paul Rudd the front runner for Hank Pym- as he two have worked together before?

I guess well find out soon enough.