Comic Book Picks 8th March’17


Wednesday is but one solitary sleep away and that means it’s very close to new comic book day again and that means its time for me to let you know what I think you should all be buying this week. Continue reading

Flash Season Finale Easter egg (Black Flash!)


The Flash season finale was great television, the show down between Zoom and Barry was great and the slow motion (technically super-fast) fight scenes were brilliantly shot, but did you catch the big tease for future story lines towards the end? well here it is (SPOILERS)….. Continue reading

Top Teenage Superheroes

2048294829409Comic Books are full of teenagers getting great powers and having to deal with this responsibly, while choosing to try to change or save the world. But who has been the best at this, and who has had the biggest impact upon the comic book world- well lets take a look. Continue reading