Top Father and Son Pairings


Pop Culture has a hge amount of father and son pairings that are massively famous, with one of the most widely known being Darth Vader (Anakin Skywlaker) and Luke Skywalker, so inspired by my Sons 1st birthday today here are my favourite father and son pairings from a variety of mediums.

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Movie Characters Business Cards

20140410-122338.jpgEverybody loves a good movie character, that is well thought out and has an abundance of enthusiasm- but once they’ve finished there on screen task where do these characters go and what do they fill their time with? I mean there’s only so many times ‘The Dude’ can try to find missing people, and i would suggest that the once is enough for him, so how does he make a modest living now? Well that’s the focus of this collection of artwork- business cards for your favourite movie characters and their new-found endeavours now the cameras have stopped rolling, and I have to say there pretty awesome. Continue reading

Essential Stephen King

King-EWThis has all come about because im trying to finish ‘Doctor Sleep’ and just can’t seem to find the time right now- but in a discussion at work was trying to find my favourite Stephen King book and simply couldn’t, so instead im going to list  of his books that i simply consider essential reading for anybody. Im sure if you’ve read a host of Stephen King books and scroll the list it may not contain all of your personal favourites, but with over 50books in print theres a host to choose from and not everything can make the list. So lets get this started….. Continue reading