Captain America MCU fight scenes supercut


Captain America is now a stalwart of the MCU and has had some of the best fight scenes of all the characters- and now we have a supercut of each and every moment to sink our teeth into. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 16th November 16


This weeks new comics books are due tomorrow, and while its a slower weeks compared to recent weeks here are my top books for tomorrow. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 18th May’16


Wednesday is nearly upon us again, and that means we get a whole bunch of new comic books hitting the shelves this week. And lets take a look at what I feel are the big books of the week (Civil War II has all my interest!) Continue reading

Best developments from Free Comic Book Day 2016


This weekend saw 2016s Free Comic Book Day (My Daughter loved this year), and amidst the titles there was some very good storytelling, and there was some shocks set out in advance of future stories. So without any further messing around here are the biggest developments from the weekend: Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Captain America Civil War


I was lucky enough to get out last Friday night and see this movie, and it is simply one of the best movies that Marvel has managed to produce. It doesn’t disappoint in any aspect, the new characters are brilliantly done, the story makes logical sense, the ending sets-up the future nicely and the action is epic and amazing. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 13May ’15


Wednesday is nearly here and this week is a huge week for releases from all the big and little publishers; with an array of new titles and big summer events. So what gets book of the week, is it a new title from Warren Ellis? Jason Aaron revealing the identity of Thor? Or Marvels big summer event, or maybe its none of these. Well here are my picks. Continue reading