All the current ‘Marvel NOW!’ Teasers


Marvel Now! is due to launch in the fall of 2016, and will be the focal point for the fallout after Civil War II has finished- and while there are rumours of another reboot- Marvel has squashed these as nonsense thankfully. However to get people excited Marvel has been launching there is a host of teaser images, and these are well worth seeing. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Season6 Teaser


With the shocking end to Season5 of Game of Thrones there has been huge specualtion around Snows fate for the upcoming season, and we got our first footage from the show today. Continue reading

American Horror Story Freakshow Has New Poster

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American Horror Story: Freakshow is set to debut on FX at the beginning of October and as a result the marketing campaign has really begun to pick up- and along with a host of new teasers were also getting new images. The latest poster is really well done and doesn’t make it too obvious whats so weird about the image, but it certainly adds a little bit of creepy to the show. Check it out Continue reading

Cinderella Live action Teaser

Logo for The Walt Disney Company

Logo for The Walt Disney Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Disney is remaking one its first movies in the form of a Live action movie, which we have seen them do before with films such as the Jungle book- but this time there taking on the fairy tale of Cinderella. The teaser is just over a minute long- and is well done in grabbing your attention with lots of swirling and shiny shapes but it does take a short period of time for you to work out what your actually watching. Continue reading

The Strain: TV Show teaser


Guillermo Del Toro’s series of books is getting an adaptation into a television show, and if you followed my news on this you’d know I’m excited.
Well today to add to that excitement we got the first teaser trailer for the show- the trailer is a found footage style shoot that follows hordes of rats before a voice states ‘He’s Here.’ Not the greatest teaser- but if you’ve read the books you know the significance of this. So here’s the teaser

Continue reading