New Amazing Spider-Man2 footage

A new trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 has arrived, and while the majority of the footage has been seen before there are some nice new shots of ‘Harry Osbourne’ aka Green Goblin and a little titbit of new ‘Electro’ battle footage.  Although there is still no sign of Alastair Smythe, but I guess there’s plenty of time to go yet. Hope you enjoy

ComicBook releases 7/8

Its that time of the week, were we all go mad and buy our favorite comicbook’s- so here’s mine for the week.

Fatale 16

ImageIm not sure where to stat with this series- only to say if you haven’t read it yet, you really should of! Brubaker is crafting a brilliant story that spans time and characters amazingly well, while actually making you care for everyone you see.  The character development and story telling may be Brubaker at his finest to date, and Phillips is really delivering in the art department.

This weeks issue sees Nicolas continue to follow Josephine’s trail of secrets to Seattle where a mysterious women with no memory has connections to a wondering serial killer, a rock band and a gang of bank robbers.  If you like your noir tales big and meaningful- you need this for sure.

Superior Spiderman 15

ImageI realise Dan Slott has got alot of negative feedback about this series and the turn it took with Parker, but in all honesty when has spiderman felt fresher? Slott has managed to keep what many thought was a ‘fad’ alive and going and only getting better, and most of that work is purely down to the way he writes his characters-like every single one of them matters as do there motives and emotions.

Thats why this issue focusing on the hobgoblin, and told from Phil Urich’s (Hobgoblin) point of view should be a must read.  We’ve seen Slotts take on the Hobgoblin and what motivates him, but now we truly get to see how it feels to be hunted by the Superior Spiderman, and i cant wait to see how this plays out.

And as a mini-bonus we get to find out more about the tinkerers apprentice- consider me fully sold on this book- and thats before i mention Ramos continues his art duties, and lets be honest hes really helped move the superior spider-man along with his distinctive style.

Fashion Beast (Collected- Hardcover or TPB)

ImageIm going to be total honest here- im recommending this because i love Alan Moore and his work, despite me never having read it.  But i am going to be picking it up this week, and finding out for myself it matches the likes of Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell amongst others.

Hers the official synopsis for the graphic novel:

Doll was unfulfilled in her life as a coat checker of a trendy club. But when she is fired from the job and auditions to become a “mannequin” for a reclusive designer, the life of glamour she always imagined is opened before her. She soon discovers that the house of Celestine is as dysfunctional as the clothing that define the classes of this dystopian world. This unique reimagining of Beauty and the Beast was written in 1985 alongside Alan Moore’s comics masterpiece Watchmen. Beautifully illustrated by Facundo Percio (Anna Mercury) and meticulously adapted by Antony Johnston (Yuggoth Cultures), this is another must have entry in the graphic novel masterworks library by Alan Moore.

That sounds like more than enough for me.

Ok for the rest of this weeks releases check this place out:

Comic-Con 2013 Comic News

Now this is what the event is truly about- huge announcements that all of us comic book lovers really geek out over and get excited for.  This year has seen a huge amount of these too, so I’m going to run down the big ones according to me.


Nightcrawler to return from the Dead! As a huge fan of Nightcrawler i actually cried a little when he sacrificed himself in Messiah Complex, so i have mixed feelings on this, as that was a very fitting end that still continues to linger in the mutants universe.  But the announcement of Amazing Xmen seems to mean that Nightcrawler will return and Wolverine will be scouring the world looking for him. Written by Jason Aaron its bound to be a good team book, and with Ed McGuinness on artwork should look nice


Lady Deathstrike Returns to Xmen universe- and will be joined by the artisitc Talents of Terry Dodson on Xmen7.

Longshot will also get his own mini-series, with the official synopsis

ImageWhen the luckiest people in NYC are being routinely murdered, the next target on the list is Longshot. It’s not just one person that’s marked him for elimination, however, and soon everyone from supervillains to S.H.I.E.L.D. to cosmic beings are gunning for him. With the odds stacked against him, Longshot’s about to press his luck.

Steve ImageMcNiven will join Remender on Uncanny Avengers for the start of Ragnarok Now.  I really love the artwork of McNiven- so this should be a great pairing and hes an ideal fit to follow up on Cassaday- who is always a fan favourite for sure.

Remender had this to say about the upcoming story in the panel this weekend

“‘Ragnarok Now!’ is what happens because they can’t get it together, can’t unify, can’t make good on the promise of the Unity Squad to live up to the ideals of Charles Xavier. I’m excited to get to this point to punish them all for their bad behavior.”

Dan Slott is planning on pulling fan favorite Venom in the Superior Spiderman this coming November- and this will be the first time that venom and Doc Ock (as Spiderman) have truly met and could see a very brutal and immensely exciting first fight.  With what Slott has managed to do on Spiderman, i couldnt be more excited to see how this turns out.Image

ImageOrigins 2- this is due to be released this October and will tell the tale of Logan after Origins finished.  We all know there is a long time period between the end of that story and his ultimate arrival as the man we all know him as now, so this book by Gillien and Kubert attempts to add some more history to those old and adamantium covered bones. The book also promises to introduce us to a Mister Sinister (Who Gillean used brilliantly in Uncanny Xmen) when he was merely a fledgling scientist and not the monster we know now.

DC Comics

Superman and Wonderwomen wlll team up for a new monthly title:

On the topic of the upcoming Superman/Wonder Woman #1 comic, Eddie Berganza said the series was the furthest thing from a romance comic possible. The series is set to be filled with action and adventure as opposed to quieter moments. “They try to have dates, but it never goes well,” Berganza laughed. The first issue of the new series launches in October.

Now im not a big superman fan- but i have really enjoyed him in the new 52- so im expecting good things from this.  And i was happy to hear that Snyders Superman Unchained will continue and may even feature Superman smiling- no way!

Superman/Batman will also heavily feature Earth2 going forward- and promises some much anticipated huge fights drawn by Jae Lee- which will include Superman Vs Superman and Batman Vs Batman.  Consider me amongst those who will check those out.

ImageTo me the most exciting news from DC this event from with regards to Sandman, now this may just be because its got Gaiman on board (who i love) or maybe its because sandman has been away forever it seems, but either way im excited to see how this turns out. The below is an exert from the interview/panel that Gaiman gave:

As for Sandman: Overturn #1, Gaiman said, “When I was writing Sandman there would be stories that didn’t fit, and at one point I realized that there was a story I thought would get told during Sandman that didn’t fit that just wasn’t part of the theme. The story of what happened before the first panel of #1 when he was captured. Later on there was a text piece where I said he was exhausted and vulnerable to being captured, but I never told that story. Nobody knew expect for me what had happened. It was one of those stories that was sitting there. We talked about doing it for the 20th anniversary, but that didn’t happen. Then when the new powers that be moved in and asked me what I wanted to do, I said I have this story I’d like to tell. Why don’t we do this for the 25th anniversary? Then we had to find an artist.” Gaiman then pointed at Williams, earning a laugh from the crowd.

Consider me first in line to grab a copy of this when it arrives on shelves, Gaiman writes brilliantly and captivates while J.H Williams iii is an amazing artist that really delivers everything you could ask for on a comicbook- with amazing action sequences and such character appeal its amazing.

ImageOn a batman related note- we got some good information about Snyder’s continuing Year Zero. While alot of work has been mentioned to ‘how does this fit Year One’ its finally clear that it doesn’t.  This is totally new take on Batman’s first years for the New 52.  Snyder provided the event with the following update during one of the panels:

it would be in three parts, with covers that represent the theme of each one. The first part asks the question, Why do you love Gotham? to Bruce. “His parents are killed there. He doesn’t live there. What is it? Why does he protect this city?”

The second part has the Batman: Year Logo and is nearly all black, which represents Gotham in darkness and how both the city’s bones and Batman’s are resetting in the dark and becoming something new. It will ask the question, What does Bruce see in the dark?

The third part has a cover that is green to represent the overgrown city, and he teased that Poison Ivy may be making an appearance.

As for the villain, Snyder said, “The Riddler believes he’s the smartest dude in the world. He’s got degrees just for fun. He can see the design of things coming. I wanted to have a character who can see what’s coming to give Batman a need to catch up.”

As if Snyder wasn’t exciting enough with his recent Batman run, and introductions of characters such as Talon and Mr Freeze, we now get to see him fully take on the Riddler and as a main villain.  Its been a long time since the Riddler filled that role in Legends of the Dark Knight so here’s hoping it can be done again.  But i have faith in Snyder as he hasnt failed to deliver n=on a single Bat related tale yet- just look at the Court of Owls or Death of the Family.

Big Changes are coming for the Justice League teams too in the wake of Trinity War, but ith this being the first big eent of the new 52 things re still fairly tight as to what change that truly means, the only real news in the Constantine will be the big player this time around.  good or bad move? Guess time will tell.

Other News

Robert Kirkman gave a really good interview on the future and current state of the Walking Dead comic series- it does contain spoilers for those who aren’t up-to date or dont want hints at the future. So heres the link if you do

The Chronicles of Riddick- is also getting a motion comic. This could be good, as ive enjoyed the motion comics ive seen in recent years, and Riddick has been a character that has intrigued me.  He has great potential in Pitch Black that got lost a little in the sequel, but seems it could be re-found in the latest cinematic release.  So im gonna hold out hope for this being good.

DarkHorse has launched on Instagram- so could be fun to follow.  And has also announced a Plants Versus Zombies comic at the event.  And have outlined their Star Wars comics plans for 2014. For all the info check out their website.

There was tons more comic news- but for that you need to check out the RSS feed on your right (Do it now) as there’s too much to blog it all