Comic Book Picks 23rd March’16


Wednesday is nearly here again, and after a week of sickness I’ve still got a bunch of last weeks books to read- however with that being said there is still some great reads hitting the shelves this week. So here are my top picks for the week. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 9th April’14

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Wednesday is here once again- and that means its time for new Comic Books! So with a whole host of new books hitting the shelves this week here’s my recommendations for what i think is going to worth the cover price and worth you picking it up and reading it. Continue reading

Comic Boom Picks 13th November ’13

Once again Wednesday is nearly upon us- and that means that there is a huge array of new books hitting the shelves that are all competing for your cash and more importantly all looking to get you on board as a long time reader, so with that in mind here are my picks for this week. Continue reading

Comic Releases 17/7

This week once again sees the release of a slew of comic book titles, and once again im here to give my opinion on what you should be checking out.


100 Bullets: Brother Leno #2 Image I’ve been a huge fan of 100 Bullets from the start- so it should be no surprise that this book makes my must read list of the week.

Once again with this mini-series the story telling is what you would expect from Azzarello, and as good as always for 100 Bullets.

If you want a mature themed book that will keep you fully engaged for the ride- this is the one.

Here’s the official synopsis for the issue

South-of-the-Border intrigue heats up as a mysterious nun shows up at the monastery where Lono has been hiding out. It doesn’t help that she’s a lot sexier than most nuns have a habit of being..



The Strain: The Fall #1 Image

Now this is may seem an odd choice this week- but its here for a solid reason, and thats that the book this is based upon is a great read with a wonderfully intriguing story and some great character work. While the original series, based on the first book, was a disappointment compared to its literary counterpart i have faith that this may rectify some of those issues.  with a much heavier story looking at the repercussions of main protagonist, Ephraim Goodweather’s failure to kill the Master (head vampire) and the effect this has upon his family and the world- they really should do a good job of conveying the story, and translating this into images.  Because lets be honest any vampire based artwork tends to look good.



All New X-men #14 ImageWould it be a real comic book release week- if i didn’t recommend a title featuring marvels first mutant family?  But this is done with good reason- Brian Bendis has done a great job with the story on this book from the beginning, and has managed to keep the idea of bringing the first X-men team from the past into the future exciting and relevant.

Last issue saw the ‘old’ Jean Grey meet Mastermind- and we all know that the first time this occurred it spelt the beginning of the end for Jean- so will history repeat itself?

And with artwork by Stuart Immonen your guaranteed a good looking set of mutants and some great action sequences- that hopefully show Jeans ability to host the Phoenix force.

If you don’t believe me just check out the final two page spread from last issue.




For the rest of this weeks releases check out the site below

ComicBook preview 26/6

A look at this weeks recommended reads

Fatale_15Ok So first up this week is Fatale 15, written by Ed Brubaker and penciled by Sean Phillips which finally reaches a modern-day timeframe. This issue is due to be the start of a new story arc looking at Nicholas Lash and the research he has been carrying out in his prison cell, which promises to bring his enemies into the open while he has nowhere to run.

So far i must admit that, while i have enjoyed all of the previous collaborations between Brubaker and Phillips in the past, this is by far their best work together.  The story is intricately woven, thoroughly engaging and keeps me wanting more.  And Phillips is delivering some amazing artwork on this really capturing the noir feel of the book perfectly.

If i was to recommend one comic book this week this would be it!


Ok so next up this week we have All New X-men13 written by Brian Bendis, and the artwork is courtesy of Stuart Immonen.  Now this book was one of the  first to be launched under the ‘Marvel Now’ brand, and i have to say after my initial scepticism i have enjoyed the story being told so far.

The entire X-men from the past in the future, may have been done before in one form or another, but Bendis has really amped up the interest and the current state of mutant affairs helps to keep this book relevant.  Watching the X-men of the past- deal with what Cyclops and the rest of the ‘Phoenix Five’ did is exciting.  This is mainly due to the excellent dialog, and the intense turmoil shown between Logan and past Scott.

 But this issue promises to introduce the Uncanny X-men into the fold, and i for one am really looking forward to seeing Havok’s response to past Cyclops.

Wolverine_and_the_X-Men_Vol_1_32_TextlessFinally this week is Jason Aaron and Nick Bradshaw’s long running and exceptionally exciting Wolverine and the X-men 32. Jason Aaron has done an amazing job on this book, if someone had told me when it started that id be excited to read an ongoing monthly story about Wolverine running a school for mutants- i’d of said “No chance”

Yet that’s exactly whats happened, the book has delivered some really fun stories (X-men as clown folk) while also delivering some really well written villains, and this issue promises to continue the journey towards payoff  of the new Hellfire club that has been building from the beginning of Aaron’s run. The collection of new characters that have been put together in the Hellfire club is brilliant, and they have been brilliantly introduced and fleshed out so as they feel like a legitimate threat to the Jean Grey School. And we have already seen what their capable of producing in previous issues, so the continuation of the Hellfire Saga has me on tender hooks.

If you want a great story and a really fun read- id recommend you pick this up for sure.

New Title:

BM_SM_Cv1_52flzomr7u_This week see’s the first issue of Batman/Superman hitting the stands which promises to show us all the first meeting of these iconic characters within DC’s new 52 continuity. This has the potential to be a really good read being written by Greg Pak, and will almost certainly be one of the best looking books on the stands this week thanks purely to Jae Lee’s work.

For a full list of all other titles out this week, just click below: