X-Men Apocalypse new trailer


20th Century Fox have given us a new trailer today for the May 27th release of the X-Men movie and it looks amazing.
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X-Men Apocalypse gets a teaser

X-Men Apocalypse is still 2years away and we already have a teaser video to go along with the viral websites- and it’s a well done piece too Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 4th June’14



Once again Wednesday is nearly upon us ans that means its time for the whole new batch of comic books to hit the shelves- so lets take a look at whats out there this week and what I think is the most essential purchase and read. This is a week that is heavily dominated by releases from the ‘Big Two’ but with that being said doesn’t see a huge host of the premier titles hitting shelves, so could a little book grab the title of ‘Pick of the week?’ Continue reading

Battle of the Atom Spoiler!

This week see’s the biggest timeline change I can think of so far, to come from all the X-men based time stream changing and time jumping we’ve seen since Marvel Now began.

And that change is all about a recently re-introduced character Alison Blaire a.k.a. Dazzler. And the changing fates have her as President of the United States. Yes that’s right President! The former disco dancer and music star, turned SHIELD agent has sudden become the most powerful women in the world.  See for yourself: