Stephen Kings New Novel has familiar sound!


Stephen King has released the synopsis for his new novel ‘Gwendys Button Box’ this week and when I read it I had t a huge gush of surprise and joy- as it may link to my most popular work of his. Want to see what it is? Well lets take a look Continue reading

Dark Tower Movie Update


With Stephen Kings Epic Dark Tower series set to hit the big screen in 2017- there is more and more news now leaking out about the story and the settings. And over the weekend we were treated to some new official photos and a rare bit of story information, so lets look at this. Continue reading

Top Father and Son Pairings


Pop Culture has a hge amount of father and son pairings that are massively famous, with one of the most widely known being Darth Vader (Anakin Skywlaker) and Luke Skywalker, so inspired by my Sons 1st birthday today here are my favourite father and son pairings from a variety of mediums.

Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is the sequel to one of Stephen Kings most beloved books- ‘The Shining.’ And it continues the tale of Danny Torrence and what has become of the boy, now turned man, since the events at the overlook, and tells its tale in a less scary yet equally enthralling way. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Necronomicon- The best weird tales of H.P Lovecraft


Having spent some time last week looking a the best horror novels of Stephen King i felt it was only right this week to stick to the theme of scary books- and where better to go than the essential tales of H.P Lovecraft. Lovecraft was a true pioneer in the field of horror writing who began his writing in 1916 and since then produced some of the greatest tales of that generation and ever in the field of horror. This is made even more impressive when you consider most of Lovecraft’s tales are short stories, or collections of stories which fit together to make a larger tale but never the less they are all filled with enough scary moments and detail to leave everyone feeling uneasy. Continue reading

Essential Stephen King

King-EWThis has all come about because im trying to finish ‘Doctor Sleep’ and just can’t seem to find the time right now- but in a discussion at work was trying to find my favourite Stephen King book and simply couldn’t, so instead im going to list  of his books that i simply consider essential reading for anybody. Im sure if you’ve read a host of Stephen King books and scroll the list it may not contain all of your personal favourites, but with over 50books in print theres a host to choose from and not everything can make the list. So lets get this started….. Continue reading