Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Posters


Star Wars Episode VII has created a huge buzz since the first trailer arrived, and was in all honesty it was a really well done and exciting throwback to what everyone loves about the Star Wars universe. Due to this buzz it should come as no surprise that fans have already started to create a huge amount of content- and today I’m focusing on some of the best movie posters that I have seen so far. Continue reading

Joe Cornish to direct Star Trek3


British writer-director Joe Cornish is reportedly Paramount’s pick to direct Star Trek 3 now that J.J. Abrams is firmly locked into the Star Wars universe and has announced his departure from the ‘Enterprise.’

Joe Cornish made his directorial debut on Sci-Fi film ‘Attack the Block’ and first threw his hat in the ring for Star Wars contention in the summer, so it appears Paramount may have been listening.

In other JJ Abrams news, it’s highly rumoured that Chiwetel Ejiofor has joined the cast of Star Wars Episode VII in some unknown capacity.
This rumour has surfaced as Chiwetel Ejiofor has now been seen at the ‘Bad Robot’ offices meeting with Abrams on multiple occasions now in short succession.