Weekly Recommendation: Secret Wars (Marvel 2014)


Marvels  Secret Wars was launched in 2014 as the event to re-establish a new status-quo for the Marvel comic book universe, and I as sceptical of this to say the least. However what we got was much better than anyone expected and one of the best mini events that has taken place in the last 5years- hence the reason it becomes this weeks recommendation. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 7th October’15


Wednesday is nearly here again.and that means its time to get your geek on and pick up some great comic books.This week is a big one too, as we see the launch of the All New All Different Marvel universe- despite Secret Wars still being only half way through. So what’s worth buying this week? Here are my picks¬† Continue reading

Top Teenage Superheroes

2048294829409Comic Books are full of teenagers getting great powers and having to deal with this responsibly, while choosing to try to change or save the world. But who has been the best at this, and who has had the biggest impact upon the comic book world- well lets take a look. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 18Feb ’15

Wednesday is only around the corner, and that means that its time for new comic books very soon. With this week not seeing a host of major title released, what out there is worth your time? Here are !y picks of the week Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Spider-Man Unlimited


This weeks recommendation takes the form of a mobile game (only my second ever mobile recommendation) and while i find myself ditching most mobile games in a few hours of play- except Guardians of the Galaxy TUW- this game has kept me hooked in 15minute spells for the best part of this week, all week! Continue reading