Comic Book Picks 11February ’15


Wednesday is nearly upon us, and that can mean only one really good thing; It’s New Comic Book Day! This weeks doesn’t see a sleuth of new titles, but does still see some great titles getting their release. so let’s get straight into what I think are the most exciting books of the week. Continue reading


Short Thoughts 19-25th Jan’15


This weeks ‘Short Thoughts’ has a host of 5minute reviews for you, including the final installment in Peter Jackson’s franchise ‘The Hobbit: Battle of the Five armies,’ The latest issue of Spider-verse (Amazing Spider-Man 13) and a host of television returns including the Flash and Arrow. So here let the rambling reviews begin Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 19th November ’14



Wednesday can mean only one thing- thats its new comic book day wether you buy them in a classic paper format or a less tactile digital format- this is the best day of the week. So heres what I’m picking as the books to read this week.

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