Comic Book Picks 30th November ’16


Wednesday is nearly here again, and that means its the best time of the week but to go hand in hand with this its also difficult to work out where those hard earned pennies should go. Well here are my top picks for this weeks releases Continue reading

Short Thoughts 26th Jan- 1st Feb ’15


This week saw the largest sporting event in the world take place- with the Superbowl emanating from Arizona and delivering a good match-up between two very strong teams. This week also featured a forced change to the regular format of Raw, due to a snow blizzard and the a creepy back story of sorts for the Joker. So here are my Short Thoughts on the big moments of the week in geek culture. Continue reading

Comic Book picks 22 Jan ’14

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So Wednesday is here once more, and that means that a whole plethora of comic books have hit the shelves for you to buy and read, but how do you decide what’s worth your money and what’s a good read? Well luckily for you, I’m here to let you know what i think is worth your time this week. Continue reading

Comic Book releases 18/9/13

Here we are again at a Tuesday- and im going to look ahead to tomorrow- with a run down of the Comic Books you should be checking out this week.

Cable and X-Force 14:


This issue promises to give us the final showdown between the Uncanny Avengers and X-Force- and if nothing else this could be a really explosive battle given the mutant players on each team, not forgetting a God of Thunder and Captain america.

Then you factor in the recent events with Hope (no spoilers) and her attempts to save her adopted father, and her recent improvements in controlling her abilities and you get a real wild card in any battle. But more than that Dennis Hopeless has been doing a great job of character development through this story arc and I’m really excited to see how it all ends for the characters and what happens to Cable’s X-Force team in the wake of this outcome.

This book might not play into the recently begun ‘Battle of the Atom’ series but it will still contain one hell of a good mutant led story, and I’m sure will still have lasting effects.

On the plus side who doesn’t want to see Salvador Larocca’s brilliant artwork either- he really does do a stand out job on this series and its main characters, his take on Cable’s arm is amazing (as seen to the right)

This could be the best mutant focused book on the shelves this week (including BoTA 4), so go on grab a copy.

Swamp Thing 23.1

Now here’s a book that very rarely makes my must reads of the week, despite it having been good since the New 52 began.  Well that all changes due to Villains month, and this book focusing heavily on Anton Arcane with a side story featuring the Rot. Now i have to say that the stories featuring the Rot and written by Snyder where some of the best swamp thing stories since Alan Moore penned the character- and not just due to my love of Snyder’s story telling they really were.

Hence my enthusiasm to see the Rots new avatar Abigail Arcane will play into swamp thing mythology, and with the bulk of this issue focusing on Anton Arcane and his personal prison (A place beyond hell according to the synopsis) I’m really intrigued to see how this works out. My only nagging concern with this is the changing of creative teams- which has plagued a host of Villains months titles- and whether or not this will be a stand alone issue that is mentioned directly afterwards in Swamp Thing, or if were going to have to wait a while to see how these characters will fit in going forward.

Despite this, of all the Villains books on sale this week this is easily the most interesting to me (Sorry Scarecrow)

Buzzkill 1


So heres my new title of the week- Buzzkill. The series itself sounds intriguing, so here’s the official Dark Horse synopsis for the book:

Ruben is not your average alcoholic; he’s an unstoppable superhero who derives his powers from imbibing massive amounts of alcohol. After all the disasters it’s caused in his personal life, he’s ready to get clean . . . and the city’s supervillains couldn’t be happier!

This alone sounds intriguing enough for me to want to buy it, as any take on super heroes that is different is worth a look.  Add to that the artist Geoff Shaw who did the brilliant work on Batman 80page special and you have me sold.

With the series set to only run for 5issues, id expect there to be little waiting around on the story and character development and for this book to dive right into the thick of the story from the beginning, and to take a rather dark tone to the material and synopsis offered. Id expect this to be darker more than funny- but that can only be a good thing for a new super hero book

DarkHorse have really tried to expand there range of books this year and have had some good hits, so im expecting this to continue their trend of trying to challenge the big two companies.  so my advice is grab this now, before everyone is telling you ‘its a must read’ later on.


That’s it for the week, but for a full list of the weeks available titles check out my favourite comic book retailer (and my personal supplier) here