Short Thoughts: 1-5th January’15

short thoughts

Hi all, and welcome to my first Short Thoughts article of the New Year which will be shorter than the regular column as 90% of my regular watching is on th dreaded mid-season break. Why at christmas do we get less television but more time off- Arghh! Either way here’s what I’ve seen over this period and my thoughts Continue reading

Weekly Reccomendation: Preacher (Vol1)


This weeks recommendation isa  throwback to 1996- but its totally worthy of the recommendation despite the fact that the entire series has now been finished for over 12years. This is one of the books that helped to show a large number of people that comic books dont necessarily need to be about superheroes to be worthy of a read, and with a television adaptation in the works now is the time to jump on the ‘Preacher’ bandwagon. Continue reading