Short Thoughts 9-15March


Last week saw a lot of my regular television on a break- but also saw the launch of the PSN exclusive series Powers- based on the Bendis and Avon Oeming comic book, and I have to admit I was super excited to see this and it didn’t disappoint. But what else did I check out this week and review in 5minutes- well take a look. Continue reading

Short Thoughts 1-8th February ’15


Here are my reviews of all the television and comic books that i have managed to read and watch (minus 20minute episodes of Star Wars Rebels, and Marvel animations) this past week. This weeks featured some big television moments like the introduction of ‘Dr Crane’ in Gotham and some hyped new comic book releases like ‘Nameless’ from Grant Morisson; and here are my thoughts on it all. Continue reading

Ant-Man gets a full length and size trailer

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Marvel has given us two teasers for their summer movie so far, and now we have finally been given a full length trailer for the upcoming and very exciting Ant-Man movie. The trailer gives us our first look at the costume, and I have to say I’m impressed. Continue reading

Ant-Man Villains Revealed.

marvel_antman_back-610x340Ant-Man has had its troubles recently, with the departure of a director and then what seemed to be a difficult struggle to fill the shoes of Edgar Wright, however Marvel have continued to move forward with the movie and promise us a great film. So theres only one real question remaining about the set-up to Scott Langs first outing as a super hero and that is- Who will be his Nemesis? Well it appears that may have been leaked Continue reading

Ant-Man Casting news

marvel_antman_back-610x340Today has been a busy day on the casting front for Marvel’s Phase Two movie, with a new confirmed casting and a rumbling of a new cast member who could soon be joining. The confirmed casting is that of Evangeline Lilly (Lost) who signed a deal to play the daughter of Hank Pym and will be the love interest for the ‘Scott Lang’ character. so who’s the rumoured star…..

Continue reading