Halloween gets the 8-Bit treatment

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With today being Halloween and John Carpenter’s movie being an absolute classic, it was only a matter of time before the movie got the 8-Bit treatment. And you need to see this one as its a real treat. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Scream Queens


This weeks recommendation comes in the form of a little known television show that takes the teen horror genre and turns it completely upside down and acknowledges the entire infeasible actions these characters normally take into a funny mystery that features the death of a character each episode until the killer is finally revealed. Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: The Scarlet Gospels


This weeks recommendation is the first novel from Clive Barker in a decade to feature everyone’s favourite Demon ‘PinHead.’ The Scarlet Gospels is a welcome return to the literary pages for the character that offers a more in-depth look at the Cenobite and his motivations and desires, that is equally engrossing and emotional as it climbs towards a climatic confrontation. Continue reading

New True Detective Season2 Trailer


True Detective was a truly great series, and as with all things I couldn’t get enough so im thoroughly excited for the second season this summer. And today we got our second full length trailer for the show, and it looks like it could be as great as the first season. Continue reading

The Strain Season 2 Trailer

Strain S2 teaser art
The Strain was one of my favourite new shows last year- mainly thanks to Del Toro and the brilliant work he did with the original books and the faithful adaptation to the screen, but also because it gave us something new and different with vampires. And now we have our first official look at season2 Continue reading