How It Should Have Ended- Guardians of the Galaxy

wpid-wp-1414827504671.jpegThe great guys over at How It Should Have Ended have once again produced a very funny animation that treats us to at least one alternative ending to a pop culture phenomenon of a film. In this instance they have given us a plethora of alternative endings to Marvels big Summer blockbuster- Guardians of the Galaxy. Continue reading


Thought Bubble: What Does Coulson’s Writing Mean?

shieldcodeAgent of SHIELD may have started slowly but after the whole Hydra revelation and the reveal of how Coulson was brought back from the dead the show has been firing on all cylinders with some great action sequences, decent villains and confrontations and a host of mysteries for people to decifer. No mystery is bigger than the still running mystery of ‘What are those Runes Coulson is writing?’ Well here’s my theroy on that following this weeks season2 episode2 shedding a little more light on the potential direction of this story thread. Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy New International Trailer



With the world-wide release of August the 1st approaching fast, it’s a little over 6weeks now, ‘Guardians’ fever appears to be catching on even with those not hugely into the orignal comic book property. And to help add to that Marvel have released a brand new 2minute long trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy that showcases a much more serious side to the movie than we have seen in the previous trailers. Continue reading

Thanos’s Guardians of the Galaxy Role Revealed

Thanos of Titan Wallpaper


For months now, and even longer given his appearance in the mid credits scene of ‘Avengers’ fans have been specualting about the role of Thanos in future Marvel Universe movies especially ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’ However with Guardians of the Galaxy arrivig on August 1st many people are expecting to see more of the Mad Titan than previously thought, and the casting of Josh Brolin to the voice role has only helped to amp up specualtion that he is sure to appear- well now we have a potential spolier about his role in the movie. Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy: Trailer #2

Guardians of the Galaxy Has You Covered | All ...

Guardians of the Galaxy

The second trailer for Marvels summer blockbuster, and most risky release yet, has hit the internet today and is full of more character moments and action than the first one- including our first glimpse of ‘Groot’ talking. The trailer showcases the characters and mentions there backgrounds before diving into a plethora of action shots from the movie while giving us a nice voiceover informing every one of the basic storyline for the movie- the worlds needs saving and is in the hands of a ‘bunch of criminals.’ Continue reading