Short Thoughts: 16-22March ’15


This weeks television has been great- topped off by a wonderful episode of Powers on the PSN while also showcasing a brilliant episode of The Flash. Along side this we saw the launch of Mark Millars Chrononauts, and the return of a fan favourite to the story job on Amazing Spider-Man. Hers my breakdown of the weeks best bits. Continue reading

Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason trailer


Less than a month now until Rick Grimes and his bunch of survivors make their way back onto our television screens, and to celebrate AMC have given us a new trailer for the return of Season 5. Continue reading

New Walking Dead Season 5 trailer


Walking Dead is set to return to our television screens in just over a month, and the excitement is already starting to build after the crazy end to last season. And today has seen some pretty intense new footage released. Continue reading