Guardians of the Galaxy Mash up art

Guardians has very quickly become one of the hottest properties on the market and as a result there are tribute popping up all over the place, so here’s the latest batch of great artwork. Continue reading

Tarantino Inspired Art

20140401-101259.jpgWith it being the Legendary directors birthday just over a week ago- I was tempted to run a post about his best movies but then had real difficulty narrowing it down and deciding what to go with. So instead I’ve managed to find some inspired Tarantino artwork, because if the man is entertaining us all he’s definitely inspiring us and providing us with memorable moments and characters so here is some cool looking artwork inspired by the man.

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Geektastic tee’s

20140212-124836.jpgOne of the many cool things about being geeky is the opportunity to show your inner nerd on the outside, and what better way to do this than with an amazing combination of famous quote, characters and movies all rolled into and placed on the front of a t-shirt. If like me you recognise the awesome Mario t-shirt to be a mockery of a recent Jean Claude Van Dam commercial, you should really appreciate the rest of my recent favourites Continue reading