Comic Book Picks 22nd June’16


Wednesday is only one sleep away now, and that means that tomorrow brings us new comic books. But whats worth the expenditure this week? Well here are my picks for the week. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 8th June’16


This week sees the second batch of DC’s Rebirth titles, amidst some good praise for the first batch so lets see if this can keep the momentum going. This week also sees the first batch of Civil War II tie-in release and some pretty high profile independent books, but either way I’m still reeling from the final issue of Hellboy In Hell. But with me wiping those tears to one side here are my picks for this weeks books. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 1st June’16

cropped-comic-picks-header.jpgWednesday is nearly upon us, and in the week that follows DC: Rebirth we get the first batch of their newly launched titles along with Marvels Civil WarII and some mighty independent releases- making this a huge week. But as ever here are the top three books I think you should be giving your hard earned cash too. Continue reading

Flash Season Finale Easter egg (Black Flash!)


The Flash season finale was great television, the show down between Zoom and Barry was great and the slow motion (technically super-fast) fight scenes were brilliantly shot, but did you catch the big tease for future story lines towards the end? well here it is (SPOILERS)….. Continue reading