Comic Book Picks 17th May’17


Tomorrow see’s the release of a whole new bunch of comic books- but as with every week there are is a host of top level titles. So what should you be buying? Well as always here are my top picks for this week…. Continue reading


Comic Book Picks 19th October ’16


Wednesday is nearly here, and that means it’s time for comic books and this week is a very busy one for big releases and independent releases alike. This means there’s plenty to choose from out there but here’s where my hard earned pennies are going this week. Continue reading

Powers Season2 Trailer


Powers was a surprisingly brilliant adaptation on the Playstation Network that really had me griped and enthralled from the beginning. It was very different to the original material but equally engaging and compelling, and now we have the first footage from the second season. Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 7th October’15


Wednesday is nearly here again.and that means its time to get your geek on and pick up some great comic books.This week is a big one too, as we see the launch of the All New All Different Marvel universe- despite Secret Wars still being only half way through. So what’s worth buying this week? Here are my picks  Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 20May ’15


Wednesday is nearly here- and that means its nearly time for the new batch of comic books to hit the shelves but whats worth buying this week and giving your time? Well here are my picks for the week. Continue reading

Short Thoughts 23-28March

This week saw the penultimate Walking Dead, a real physical display on Powers, a time hoping Flash and the latest issue of Snyder’s Wytches book. But was it all good, well here are my short thoughts.
Continue reading