Marvels Best ‘All New, All Different’ Titles

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Marvel launched ‘All New, All Different’ a little while ago now, and in the first two waves of titles there have been some brand new books focusing on previously less prevalent characters- and many of these have been great. So here’s a look at some of the best of these new titles and why you should be reading them. Continue reading

Top Teenage Superheroes

2048294829409Comic Books are full of teenagers getting great powers and having to deal with this responsibly, while choosing to try to change or save the world. But who has been the best at this, and who has had the biggest impact upon the comic book world- well lets take a look. Continue reading

Peter Parker Will be in Marvel Cinematic Universe


After the announcement that Marvel secured the rights to their web slinger, speculation has been rampant on if it will be Parker or Morales- well now we know.

Marvels Kevin Fiege has confirmed Peter Parker will be the man in the MCU, see what had to say below

In terms of the age of an actor we’ll eventually to cast, I don’t know. In terms of the age of what we believe Peter Parker is, I’d say 15-16 is right…We want to play with Spider-Man in the high school years because frankly there’ve been five Spider-Man films and the amazing thing about it is, even though there’ve been five Spider-Man films, there are so many things from the comics that haven’t been done yet. Not just characters or villains or supporting characters, but sides to his character. The most obvious being the ‘young, doesn’t quite fit in’ kid before his powers, and then the fella that puts on a mask and swings around and fights bad guys and doesn’t shut up, which is something we want to play with and we’re excited about.

So what do you guys think? 

Comic Book Picks 25th Feb’15


Wednesday is nearly upon us along with a host of top titles this week to choose from, there’s a bunch of ongoing titles that have been amazing in th last few months along with some exciting new titles launching this week; making it harder than ever to work out what to be buying. to help you along with this, here are my Picks of the Week Continue reading

Weekly Recommendation: Edge of Spider-Verse

images (24)This weeks recommendation is unusual, mainly because it’s for a limited series that is only half way through and doesn’t really even contain the conclusion to the story- but never the less this series has been great and truly deserves to be read. Obviously im talking about ‘Edge of Spiderverse.’ Continue reading

Comic Book Picks 21May’14

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Wednesday is nearly upon us, which means its new comic book day again (and its London Comic Con this weekend) so im going to give you my personal watch list for titles released this week- which features a small list of new titles and a host of fan favourites, so let’s get this started. Continue reading