Kong: Skull Island- How it should have Ended.

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How It Should Have Ended are back again and this time they have given 2016’s Kong Skull Island the animated alternative ending treatment. And this one is a real doozy- so check it out now! Continue reading


Weekly Recommendation: Scream Queens


This weeks recommendation comes in the form of a little known television show that takes the teen horror genre and turns it completely upside down and acknowledges the entire infeasible actions these characters normally take into a funny mystery that features the death of a character each episode until the killer is finally revealed. Continue reading

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Posters


Star Wars Episode VII has created a huge buzz since the first trailer arrived, and was in all honesty it was a really well done and exciting throwback to what everyone loves about the Star Wars universe. Due to this buzz it should come as no surprise that fans have already started to create a huge amount of content- and today I’m focusing on some of the best movie posters that I have seen so far. Continue reading

Marvel and Nintendo mashup ‘WiiVengers’ is awesome


James Farr, has mixed Nintendo’s greatest with the  Marvel Universe in the animated parody “The Wiivengers,” in which “Nintendo’s mightiest heroes must assemble to defeat the galaxy’s puniest god, and recapture the legendary power of … the NESeract!” Continue reading

Famous Albums with a Nerd twist

20140602-115822-43102352.jpgWeve all likely seen some of the most well know album covers of all time, from bands like Kiss, RadioHead and Rage Agaisnt the Machine but i bet we havent seen them looking like this before. Ript Apparel have produced these wonderful images that are all awesome mashups between the original artwork and some of pop cultures biggest and nerdiest characters and franchsises.  Continue reading