Comic Book Picks 2November ’16


This Wednesday sees a host of titles hitting your local comic book shop shelves, but lets be honest not everything out there is as good as it should be- and that includes the supposed big two right now! So here’s my picks for the best books of the week to get your hands on…. Continue reading

Short Thoughts: Thor #8

Thor got a big release this week as it was promised that Jason Aaron would reveal the identity of the new Goddess of Thunder- and true to his word delivered. But was this a good issue or just a stunt for the reveal. (Spoilers contained, including the reveal of Thor)

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Comic Book Picks 15April ’15

cropped-comic-picks-header.jpgWednesday is nearly here again, and that means that it’s almost time to get out the wallet (physical or digital) and start buying those comic books. But whats out there this week you need to check out?Well here are my picks for the week….. Continue reading